Meet The Tammy WhyNots!!
There’s a new band in Cincinnati ready to make YOU a fan of country music! Now, we ain’t talkin’ slicked up Top 40 country—we’re talkin’ old school, “3 chords and the truth”, voice of the common man honky tonk in the spirit of our own King Records! Clever and poignant like Homer and Jethro. Catchy and toe taping like Tammy and George!

Made up of a cast of locals already established in their own rite; Todd Lipcomb (Kentucky Struts), Kelly Thomas (KT and The Fab. Pickups), David Rhodes Brown (Warsaw Falcons, Magnolia Mountain, 500MTM), John Schmidt (Warsaw Falcons), Sylvia Mitchell (CSO, The Hiders, Hayseed Tabernacle Choir) and Greg Schramm (Tex Schram and The New Radio Cowboys), bring ‘em together and you’ve got one helluva good time!

The band has been focused on recording an EP at Candyland Studios. "Meet The Tammy WhyNots" was released in May 2011 and so far it's receiving lots of praise from fans who have purchased the album!

 "I like all kinds of music and I am LOVING The Tammy WhyNots"
     --Paula Puthoff, Newport, KY

"I love the CD from the TammyWhynots. It takes me back to what Country Music should sound like, versus what it has generated into today. "
  --Gregg McGee, Amelia, OH

The Tammy WhyNots were honored to be Cincinnati Entertainment Awards Nominees, 11/2011
Best Country Act
Best New Artist