From the album Wilder EP

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Written by Kelly Thomas and Randy Steffen.

For Viola and Curly.


My old man, he's a real mother fucker,
gonna track him down, one way or another.
That's what I'm gonna do.

All these weeks of scrimping and saving
You just blew the rent on all the hell that you been raising.
You know it's true.

I'd let you go
but then I'd know
I ain't ever gonna get anymore of your sweet lovin and the kisses that i adore.
When we get to fussin and cussin,
We know we're just working on the perfect storm.

My old lady, she's a mean little mama
gonna hide myself at the bar on the corner.
Until her mood is through.
Her five foot frame can't contain her fire,
she's six feet seven when she finds me lying.
Something I try never to do.

I'd let you go...

We got a love bigger than the mountains
don't come around when you hear us shouting
That's just how we do.

I'd let you go...